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Private Pay

Caring Crossroads Home Care is a private-pay, in-home care provider. Home health care, much like

assisted living, is not covered by Medicare. There are some very specific exemptions to this rule, but

generally speaking, the expense of home health care will need to be paid out-of-pocket, or by a long

term care insurance policy. Private-pay home care is different than the Medicare-covered home care,

which is short term (less than 60 days), intermittent (for a few hours each week), rehabilitative

(physical therapy or speech therapy), and medically necessary (care that must be provided by a

Registered Nurse). Medicare-covered home care does not provide services that are considered long

term or ongoing, around-the-clock (evening hours or 24-hour in-home care), or non-rehabilitative

(homemaker, meals, or transportation). These in-home services, that are not paid for by Medicare,

are called private pay home care, because Medicare does not cover them and they are an

out-of-pocket expense or paid for by long term care insurance. Most people who need additional

care or assistance (that isn’t covered by Medicare) choose to hire a private pay home care provider 

so they are able to stay in there own home instead of moving into an assisted living or nursing home.

Home Care services not covered by Medicare?

Generally, any services that are on-going beyond 60 days.
24-hour care and assistance
Rides for doctor’s appointments
Assistance running errands, getting household supplies, or grocery shopping
Meal Preparation
Social Outings
Around-the-clock assistance with ADL’s, mobility, personal care, bathroom assistance, grooming, etc.

When a person needs additional assistance beyond what Medicare covers?

Caring Crossroads Home Care, a private-pay, in-home care service steps in to make it possible for almost any senior, at any age, in any health condition, to continue living life at home. The same care and assistance that is provided in assisted living and nursing homes can be provided at home! Private-pay home care can be assistance from a few hours a week to 24-hour care.