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​The Aid and Attendance (A&A) Pension provides benefits for veterans and surviving spouses

who require the regular attendance of another person to assist in eating, bathing, dressing and

undressing or taking care of the needs of nature.

To qualify for A&A it needs to be established by your physician that you require daily

assistance by others to dress, undress, bathing, cooking, eating, taking on or off of prosthetics,

leave home etc. You DO NOT have to require assistance with all of these. There simply need

s to be adequate medical evidence that you cannot function completely on your own.

The A&A Pension can provide up to $1,788 per month to a veteran, $1,149 per month to a

surviving spouse, or $2,120 per month to a couple.

A Veteran filing with a Sick Spouse is eligible for up to $1,406 per month. Many families overlook the A&A Pension as it pertains to veterans who are still independent, but have an ill spouse. Keep in mind that in this situation, if the spouse's medical expenses completely depletes their combined monthly income, the Veteran can file as a Veteran with a sick spouse.

Eligibility must be proven by filing the proper Veterans Application for Pension or Compensation. Form 21-534EZ for surviving spouse. Form 21-527EZ Veteran. This application will require a copy of DD-214 (see below for more information) or separation papers, Medical Evaluation from a physician, current medical issues, net worth limitations, and net income, along with out-of-pocket Medical Expenses.

A DD-214 is issued to military members upon separation from active service. DD-214s were issued to separated service members beginning in the 1950's. The term "DD-214" is often used generically to mean "separation papers" or "discharge papers", no matter what form number was used to document active duty military service. If the VA has a copy of a DD-214, it is usually because the veteran attached a copy (or sometimes, the original) to his or her application for disability or education benefits. If you've lost your original DD-214 or a copy and you are receiving (or applied for in the past) disability or education benefits from the VA, they may have a copy (or the original, if you gave it to them) on file. At the very least, if you are currently receiving benefits (or did in the past), they should be able to provide a Statement of Service, which can be used instead of a "DD-214".

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